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Flowers – The basic gift

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009
Flowers in vase

Flowers in vase

This is the most basic gift any man can give a women. Most women like getting flowers as gifts. Most men know to get women flowers. Unfortunately this is typically restricted for Valentine’s Day or as an attempt to get out of the dog house.

Many surveys have shown that the majority of women prefer flowers when they are a complete surprise. So just go and get them, besides the standard, birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or let me out of the dog house. This does not come naturally to a lot of men. Here are some things that can help. Sometimes you notice that she is sad or down about something. Get her some flowers. If you’re in a grocery store or convenience store, pick up some flowers. This may still be tough for some of us who will look at the flowers in the store and it just won’t register. If this is you, do it now. Go out to the store, call your local flower shop, or go to an online flower shop. Her reaction should provide you with some positive reinforcement to do it again. Another thing to do is schedule it in. A unique surprise is a 6 month anniversary or maybe even something like pulling a number out of the air and have a 5.6 year anniversary.

I mentioned the grocery store earlier, this has the advantage of typically being less expensive then the
dedicated flower shop. It may also help with the spur of the moment purchases. You see it you get it.

Supermarket flowers

Supermarket flowers

The dedicated flower shop has a few advantages. One of them being knowledgeable staff that can help you pick the right flowers. The other is delivery.

Delivery is an option the can be quite effective. It can help with surprise factor because she doesn’t see it coming.

My opinion on choosing the right flower is that this is not as important as simply doing it the first place. Just doing this act alone can score you points. After you’ve developed the muscle for doing this, you can up your game and with some more appropriate selections. Just two things I’d keep in mind, though they I wouldn’t consider them rules. One, what are her favourite colours? Two, roses are almost always good but reserve red roses for more serious romantic relationships.


  • Give her flowers
  • Give them at any time
  • Give them when they are least expected.
  • Give them with another gift
  • Have them delivered