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The first key. Listen!

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

The first key to buying gifts for women is listening. This is a simple point but it is something with which we men seem to have difficulty with. Once you realize this, it’s not that hard to change things around.

She will consciously and unconsciously give you clues as to what she wants. Through the course of dating you will get clues regarding favourite movies, books, pastimes, etc. If she is a big collector of books or movies this may be difficult because she may already have what she likes in her collection. Otherwise a favourite movie or the latest from a favourite author, musician can be nice.

Flowers are a traditional favourite and you almost can’t go wrong here. They are appreciated anytime and not just on special occasions such as Valentine’s day and getting out of the dog house. Listen as well as watching also play an important role here. If you don’t know if flowers are her style, buy some and watch and listen for her reaction to see how she really like them or just simply likes the fact that you made an effort. You may even ask directly if she really liked them. Your flowers can be personalized a bit if you have been able to pick up on her favourite colours.

A word of warning, even if she says the likes cooking, avoid kitchen appliances. These will often leave her with the impression that you’re thinking of her as your housekeeper, not your girlfriend or wife. What you are listening for is something personal.

This not meant to be an exhaustive list just and introduction on how to approach getting great gifts for women.